Terms and Conditions


1. Area of application
These standard terms and conditions of business (STCs) apply to our package deal travel contracts subject to any contrary written agreement and subject to contrary contractual terms and conditions according to an individual travel brochure.

2. Registration/contract conclusion
Registration must be made with the official registration form (electronically, coupon in the brochure or in the detailed programme). Upon registration, the standard terms and conditions of business become a part of the contract between the participant and the organiser Bergschule Uri operated by Mammut Sports Group AG. The registration is binding. Written confirmation will be issued by us following receipt of your registration.

3. Participant
By signing the registration, the participant declares that he fulfils the preconditions for the travel and the tours. The detailed programme sets out the preconditions regarding physical condition and the daily walking times. If a participant is not in the specified physical condition and if this results in extra costs during the trip, the participant is obliged to refund these costs.

4. Minimum number of participants
If a minimum number of participants is required for a trip to be run and if this is shown in the detailed programme, if this number of participants is not achieved the participant shall be informed of the cancellation of the trip by 7 days before the trip would have started.

5. Insurance
By registering for the trip, the participant declares that he has adequate insurance cover. In addition to a comprehensive accident and illness insurance policy, which is also fully valid for this trip (including high mountain risk and recovery and rescue costs), trip cancellation and individual return trip cost insurance is obligatory. Insurance is the participant’s affair. We recommend that you join the Swiss Rettungsflugwacht (air rescue) as a patron.

6. Programme/programme changes
We will inform you as soon as possible of programme changes that occur before the trip. Programme changes at the location are not likely but we reserve the right to make them without a duty to pay compensation. This applies in particular to changes imposed by the weather and other unforeseeable occurrences. In particular, no guarantee can be given regarding reaching peaks that it is intended to reach.

7. Price
The price calculation is based on the conversion rates and tariffs as at the date of publication of the programme. No price rises are foreseen but the right to make them is expressly reserved. A price increase may be expected in particular in the following cases: Increase in transportation costs including fuel costs, increase in the cost of specific services such as country charges and airport charges and a change in the exchange rates applicable to the package deal trip.

8. Payment terms
Once you have received confirmation of your registration, we expect your payments in accordance with the statements on the invoice.

9. Cancellation of the trip
9.1 Trip cancellation by Bergschule Uri operated by Mammut Sports Group AG

If the minimum number of participants (Point 4 above) is not achieved, Bergschule Uri-Mountain Reality AG may cancel the trip by four weeks before the commencement of travel at the latest. The full amount paid in advance will be refunded without delay but with the exclusion of any compensation claims within the meaning of Art. 11 of the Pauschalreisegesetz (Package Deal Travel Act). If Bergschule Uri operated by Mammut Sports Group AG finds itself forced for compelling reasons (riot, force majeure etc.) to cancel the trip, then Art. 10 Pauschalreisegesetz  (Package Deal Travel Act) applies with the exclusion of compensation as a result of non-fulfilment.

9.2. Trip cancellation by the participant
If you cancel the trip, you must inform Bergschule Uri operated by Mammut Sports Group AG of this by registered letter. What counts here regarding charging is the receipt of the letter. On Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, the next working day counts. In the event of registration and withdrawal for whatever reason, regardless of fault, the following cancellation charges apply:

Up to 121 days before the course startsCHF 200.00
100-120 days before the course starts25% of the invoice amount
61-99 days before the course starts50% of the invoice amount
43-60 days before the course starts80% of the invoice amount
0-42 days before the course starts100% of the invoice amount

10. Flights
Unless otherwise stated in the programme, on all programmes you fly in Economy Class.

11. Complaints/defects
The Pauschalreisegesetz (Package Deal Travel Act) applies. Complaints must be submitted 5 days after the end of the trip at the latest.

12. Liability
Participation in trekking trips and voyages of discovery is always at your own risk. We act as the organiser and agent and expressly reject any liability for occurrences such as accidents, illness, loss, damage, delays or irregularities for which we or our local service providers are not to blame. Consequential loss or damage arising from an unforeseen occurrence for which we are not to blame are borne by the participant.
Bergschule Uri operated by Mammut Sports Group AG’s liability for slight negligence, the participant’s fault, third parties’ fault or force majeure is excluded.
Our liability is in all cases limited to double the package deal price. This excludes damage or injury caused by deliberate act or gross negligence.
In case of flights the terms of the international agreement apply together with the inherent compensation limitations for damages in the event of a failure of fulfillment or unrecognised fulfilment of contracts.

13. Image materials
Our mountain guides often take photographs during the tours and occasionally guests also send us image materials after the tours. The participant declares that he consents to the use of these images for the Bergschule Uri operated by Mammut Sports Group AG photo gallery, brochure and website.

14. Applicable law and jurisdiction
Swiss law applies exclusively to the agreed contractual relationship between the participant and Bergschule Uri operated by Mammut Sports Group AG. The place of jurisdiction is Lenzburg.

15. Indemnification
We are participants in the guarantee fund for the Swiss travel sector. We can therefore guarantee the security of the amount paid in connection with the package deal travel booking.